Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ek Zalzala

Zalzala utha hai zalzala
Chunari ke daag ke khilaf
Janwaaron ke darindgi ke khilaf
Na rukega ye zalzala
Na thamega ye zalzala

Zalzala utha hai zalzala
Zulm ke zanjeeron ke khilaf
Samaaj ke thekedaron ke khilaf
Na rukega ye zalzala
Na thamega ye zalzala

Zalzala utha hai zalzala
Gharaundon ke buzdilon ke khilaf
Mazhab ke dhakoslo ke khilaf
Na rukega ye zalzala
Na thamega ye zalzala

Zalzala utha hai zalzala
Netaon ke dilase ke khilaf
Himsa ke pujari ke khilaf
Na rukega ye zalzala
Na thamega ye zalzala

Zalzala utha hai zalzala
Khudgarzi ki numaish ke khilaf
Neeyaton ke chalawat ke khilaf
Na rukega ye zalzala
Na thamega ye zalzala

Aur koi na kahega
Aur koi na sunega
Mere saath na ho
To mera kya jayega

Insan bhi jagega
Mukhauta bhi hatega
Jo jaisa hai
Wahi nikal ke aayega

Zalzala utha hai zalzala
Na rukega ye zalzala
Na thamega ye zalzala

Friday, June 29, 2012

Maa tujhe salaam

Aey Maa

Tera tha kabhi uncha naam,
Tujhe karta tha har koi salaam,
Maa tujhe salaam.

Ab dekh tera kya ho gaya anjaam,
Teri izzat kahin ho gayi hai gumnaam,
Maa tujhe salaam.

Jahan janme the krishna-raam,
Ab to anyay ka hai bas naam,
Maa tujhe salaam.

Jaha lage logon ke daam,
Jaha satya ho dikhawe ka gulaam,
Maa tujhe salaam.

Jaha shahid aaye kitaabon ke kaam,
Jaha paisa hi ho sabka dhaam,
Maa tujhe salaam.

Jaha khoon se alag hai allah aur raam,
Jaha ahimsa sikhaye pandit aur imaam,
Maa tujhe salaam.

Jaha rang se bhed ka ho iljaam,
Jahan nari chunari ka ched hai inaam,
Maa tujhe salaam.

Jahan sach ka dhal chuka hai shyaam,
Jaha haar gaye gandhi aur kalam,
Maa tujhe salaam.

Aey Maa
Teri dhalne waali hai shyam,
Tera beta fir bhi bole,
Maa tujhe salaam.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Life without you

A voice inside me calling out for you.

Oh, I am nothing without you!

I can feel your heart beat against me.

Is it me or my mind is playing with me?

Words escape my love for you.

Why is it so dark without you?

Oh, why did you let me go.

Was your promise so easy to forgo?

What my eyes say, the world doesn't understand.

The bird of my heart has no sky, no land.

Alone in crowds am I,

I look inside and ask why?

All I can feel inside is the pain.

Oh, I want to fall in love all over again.

So tired from the facades of the scheming world,

I have no story left to be told.

Take me away

Far from the limits of the mind,

Far from the tragedies of the kind.

Near to the realms of your touch,

Oh God, tell me am I asking too much?

I want to lie beside you,

Your voice is the only thing I know.

While I play with your hair,

Let the stars above stare.

I love you.

From the dawn of my birth

Unto the dusk of this life and forth.

I live for you

And will happily die for you!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Ek deewane ka janaza

Raahon ka sahara tha,
Bahon ka bahara tha.
Fir bhi kaise anjaan ho gaye,
Khud ke dil se hi baimaan ho gaye.

Tum ko paana tha,
Jaanat ke rubaru aana tha.
Kismat se to baad main ladte,
Hum to khud hi se haar gaye.

Jab khula tha darwaza,
Tab awaaz tak nahi.
Kya ye humari galti thi,
Ki tumhari yaad bhi nahi aayi.

Bichad gaye har mudatein pyaar ki,
Anjaani thi karwaten humare yaar ki.
Kaise hum khud ke zakhm bharde,
Aur kuch nahi to khud ko khatm karde.

Seedhe raaston se nata na tha,
Tedhe raaston pe chalna na tha.
Ye kambhakt dil ne hi daga diya,
Humein ishqiyan se hi rukhsaat kar diya.

Zuban pe naa aati nahi,
Fir bhi dil bekarar hai aise.
Ret pe ghata chati nahi,
Murjhaye phool ki mehek jaise.

Ab to bas yaadein hain,
Jinme humare waadein hain.
Khwabon ki aur zanjeeren nahi,
Par khushi ki bhi aur tamanna nahi.

Ab to kaafan si ban gayi zindagi,
Rahi na koi aur bandagi.
Afsaanon se bhargaye dil ke paimane,
Lo hum bhi ban gaye ek lute hue deewane.

Monday, September 20, 2010

I Await My Mother

My light of life.

I call her light,
I call her life.

The red color of my kite.
My hope,
My sun after a dark night.

My soul understands no other love.
Only the unbridled, infinite love of my mother
Satiates my soul.

O’ Mother,
Save me from me.
My life hurts.

I am afraid…..

Afraid of the darkness of Solitude,
Which haunts me.

Afraid of the glares of doubts,
My mirror throws at me.

Afraid of the pangs of desire,
That push me unto an unholy pyre.

Afraid of the insinuations of the soul,
So vulnerable against the social whole.

I know my mother,
You will save me.

As you did,
When I was frail
And had no tale.

When I was alone,
Crawling into a world unknown.

When the world cursed me with distaste,
You changed my world in such haste!

My heart kisses your feet,
O’ My Mother,
My soul bares itself before you.

My shame vanishes before you,
O’ My Mother,
My pain becomes a memory.

My dying sun breathes again,
O’ My Mother,
When you shower your love on me.

My life changes when you,
O’ My Mother,
Take it in your holy hands.

Come save me!

From the traps of this self-pity,
This undying adversity.

Before I die without a life,
With dejection burning inside me like a hot knife.

I know my Mother,
You will save me.

And then,
My sinking glory
Will give way to a new story.

My tormented soul
Will find its own goal.

I await you
My Mother,

I so await you…..

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Do you know Manju?

Who is Manju??? There is a Manju in all of us waiting to break the boundaries of self-exacted silence and safe ignorance.

I am talking of a fine bloke called Manjunath Shanmugham. Who is he you might say? He was a whistleblower who had attempted to expose the petrol mafia but was instead murdered by the petrol mafia.

Why is that the petrol mafia resorted to kill him? How did it serve them? It was intended to silence future resistance against it.

Inspite of all sympathies and support for the actions of Manju, are we prepared to die for the right? The support for him came only after his death. Sentencing criminal deaths may just dissuade their ilk to commit further crimes in the open but who will curb their criminal tendencies. They will just become shrewder to hide their crimes and come out unscathed. A one-off decision against the sinners will not bring about miracles in our thought process, the inspiration to resist crime will.

Some problems flatter to deceive. Take the example of UP where the incident had occurred. While massive investments are being made in setting up parks, museums, statues and other forms of self-loving foolishness, what has been the investment in so-called development aspects like infrastructure, health & education?

The following are the breakup of expenses for the budget 2009-10 –

1. Urban Infra – 4845 crore INR

2. Roads & Infra - 7657 crore INR

3. Energy – 9846 crore INR

4. Health – 6503 crore INR

5. Women & Child Development – 900 crore INR

6. Education – 19037 crore INR

7. And finally, Mayawati ji’s favourite pastime(memorials and statues) – more than Rs 5000 crore

The investments in Mayawati Ji’s favourite pastime forms about 4% of the total expenses (133597 crore).

Another glorifying aspect of UP politics has been the presence of around 25% politicians with criminal record in the current UP Assembly. With such unabashed backing of criminal politicians, I don’t find any reason for the murky conditions in UP to change. One positive aspect that came out of the elections was the extremely strict measures taken up by election commission whereby 640 companies of paramilitary forces were deployed to resist unfair means of carrying out elections.

Inspite of having premium schools of excellence like BHU, IIT Kanpur, IIM Lucknow & IIT Roorkee, it still lags behind in overall welfare. The schools are more a testimony of UP being the highest populated state and having a sizeable stake in the parliament rather than a credit to the rulers of the state.

For once let us forget politicians. Come down to the people who elect them, me and you. Someone has very rightly said, “People get the government they deserve”. What has been our take on ethical decisions? It’s perfectly convenient to criticise the dismal state in politics, what do we do when it comes down to a question of ethics?

How many times have you broken a traffic rule and have been ready to pay a bribe to avoid paying a higher fine, cutting a chalan or appearing before the court? How many times have you preferred to jump the queue to finish off things fast? How many times have you preferred to keep silent when an injustice is being committed by someone you are close to?

The bigger problem lies in ours not accepting our mistakes and actually going to the extent of defending it citing the excuses of time or efforts.

Why does it take an emergency to wake us up from our deep slumber? What do we do when there is a cry for help or an alarm for need? Why do we prefer to close our eyes and walk out of the situation. We are ready to help only when we feel that there will be no problems for us if we help the person. We even go the extent of stifling the voices of that one lone voice which believes in fighting against injustice.

Premier institutes like IIMs & IITs have carried out peace marches upholding the values that brave men like Manjunath stood for. But the extent to which the spirit has seeped into our souls is questionable.

When will we be ready to face the consequences for our actions? When will we start supporting the Manjus amongst us, leave alone becoming one? Far off I say....

You can learn more about Manjunath from the following link –

PS – My apologies for writing after such a long time...

Monday, December 28, 2009

Something Arbit....

Ek sadi si beet gayi khayalon main,
Bikharte armanon main,Tutte sapnon main.

koi batade muqaddar ka sahi pata,
Taki jiten hum, jab na ho koi khata.

Kashmakash main dubi thi kaynaat,
Jahanum si thi jannat ki halat.

Bahane dhund rahe the khush hone ke,
Khushiyon ko gale lagane ke.

Khushi kabki khatkata rahi thi dil ka darwaza,
Humne hi di thi apne hosh ko saaza.

Ki suna ko ansuna kar diya,
Umeed ko andekha kar diya.

Dhaaga jab mila sahare ka,
Aas na thi tab jeene ki

Mushakat kaun kare ab dhagge ko pakadne ki,
Nakaami pe hai iljaam humare iradon ko jakadne ka.

Ab bas,bahut ho gaya,
Hausla jaga aur darr so gaya.

Lo tod diya humne sarhadon ko,
Tham liya aashayon ke bahon ko.

Ab chatta hai nakaami ka andhera,
Khul ke aaya umeedon ka savera.

Ab keematon ki parwah nahi,
Saahilon se darna nahi.

Ab manzil hai panahon main,
Chal pade hain hum jeet ki rahon main.

Gaata rahe mera dil sunlo,
Rok sako to rok lo....

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Curious Case of Missing Pinki

The first question that comes to your mind is “Who is Pinki?”. The first answer that comes to your mind is the Oscar-winning documentary, “Smile Pinkie”. My blog’s protagonist is also named Pinki. Pinkie’s story had a happy ending. But, my story’s Pinki is not so lucky. Let’s hear from her, what she wants to say.

“Hello, everyone. My name is Pinki. I want to tell you all today about my dreams. My dreams are omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient, like God. Yes, I know...... a bit too stereo-typical.
But, today, my life changed. Before, I had heard my father and mother talking about me. They used to argue about things like dowry, abortion and burden which I did not understand. Later, I heard my mother, “How can you kill my daughter?” Some woman was forcing my mother to kill me. I laughed it off. My mother will perhaps kill her for telling something so absurd. But, my mother kept silent. More and more people used to harass her physically and mentally forcing her to kill me. I used to cry out loud hearing my mother cry. But, I could not do anything.
Within days, I realised my life is going to end within my mother’s womb. Continually, I could hear my mother’s sobs. She was so helpless. I felt so sad for her, but I felt sadder for myself. Atleast, people could console her. Who will console me?
It appears like I am the sacrificial lamb. Why was I conceived and nourished, if I were to be murdered one day. I know you might be feeling sad for me, but sadly it is of no use. Now, I will sleep a bit. I will catch up with you later.”
As a matter of fact, there are many Pinki’s around us and away from us. Let us ponder over the reasons of female infanticide (also known as sex-selective abortion) -
1. Future and Present - The thinking among people that they will ave to spend a lot of money on their daughters, who will finally leave them along with huge settlement money.
2. Honour killing - Giving birth to a daughter is a disgrace. A son is a source of pride.
3. Unplanned pregnancy - When people allow desires to take over sense and get pregnant, they decide to abort the baby.
All the above factors are in a way related to the theory of comatose conscience. According to this, an individual tricks his conscience into believing that the newborn has not taken human shape, so killing him is not a big deal. In other words, the murder of an unborn baby is too minimally significant to be treated as a homicide.
These reasons may be sounding oft-repeated and boring to you. But, these problems actually do persist in many places.
Who told we Indians are not good businessmen. We are brilliant at it. We treat sons on the asset side and daughters on the liabilities side. We increase our assets and decrease our liabilities. The biggest problem is many of us have become Ramalinga Rajus. There is a Satyam going on in some place near you.
A remarkable aspect of the female infanticide is the fact that these practices are not limited to rural areas, they are equally prevalent in urban areas. Take the example of Jaipur which boasts a sex ratio of 899 girls among 1000 boys as against the sex ratio of 940(which in itself is dismal).
One of the biggest reasons for the high female infanticide has been the evil called dowry. Though dowry has been made illegal under the “The Pre-conception and Pre-natal Diagnostic Techniques (Prohibition of Sex Selection) Act”, in which there can be imprisonment for a 3-year period and a fine of Rs. 50,000 for the culprits and suspension/removal of registration license of medical practitioners who are accomplices in the crime. Sadly, the law has not been so effective.
Easier said than done, just keeping a law in place doesn’t solve matters. Families are encouraged to register complaints and voice their opinion against dowry. This solution can reach only the tip of an iceberg. The problems associated with this solution arise primarily because the families are not financially strong and the daughters are not so well educated. The families are not in a position to oppose dowry. In some cases, the dowry thing is treated as customary. The girl’s parents insist upon giving “gifts” to their daughters after marriage. The word “dowry” is never uttered (like “You-know-who” of Harry Potter fame).
Sitting behind newspapers in closed rooms and with closed mindsets, we comment on the degradation of the society oblivious of the outside environment. But, what do we do for the society? We do practically nothing, theoretically everything...... like giving discourses about how the society should be, how we hate our politicians and how our favourite hero wears his undies over his pants. I think it’s time we stop pointing our fingers at atrocities and social frictions and then forgetting it all together, which is typical of us, Indians.
As such, there are no sure-shot solutions. When there is a need of solution for a social problem, either it takes the government to curb the problem or it takes someone like Raja Ram Mohan Roy to begin a revolution. With a weak-willed government is the helm, we need many Raja Ram Mohan Roys. I believe the contemporary women folk of India must actively participate in the solution to the problem of missing Pinkis. It is a tragic irony that they are an accomplice in most of the cases of infanticide.
Let’s hear Pinki for the last time.
“Hi, I am back. As a matter of fact, I could not sleep. I want to move my legs, my hands, my head. This place is so cramped. I have heard that it hurts while dying. Yeah. I know you cannot hear my cries when I die. Anyways, the cocoon in which you live is sound-proof and light-proof. You are no less hopeless than me. I can see you resigned to your handicaps and miseries. I will die soon, you are already dead.”
Before I end, please have a look at the following stats -
At birth: 1.12 male(s)/female
Under 15: 1.10 male(s)/female
15-64 years: 1.06 male(s)/female
65-over: 0.90 male(s)/female
As you can see, the heading high male:female ratio at birth will progressively appear across all the age groups. The things promise to get worse. Congrats to all....

PS – I might have been too preachy, but please try to understand the intention behind this blog.